“Lovers of Percy Jones, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and/or the earlier works of Dann Glenn will really dig Jamal’s approach to the electric bass guitar.."
--Brent-Anthony Johnson

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Exploding onto the scene with his jaw dropping Bass Improvisations, Jamal Hurse has been compared to sounding like “Jaco on Acid!” and is fast becoming known as a “musician’s musician” that EVERYONE can enjoy.
Born with a profound hearing loss, Jamal is a Solo Instrumentalist, who has developed his own innovative style weaving multiple layers of melody and sounds at the same time, what you hear is how he played it! Insisting that the music be human, full of passion and emotion, Jamal at times has little regard to meter or tempo. It is truly a fantastic ride that he takes us on, riding the waves of sound that he produces through his Fretless 4-string Bass. There is no denying that this music comes from another realm, and that not everyone who hears it is prepared for its impact.