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At 14 years old in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), Freddie started playing drums and singing with "IVAN AND THE SABERS", who opened for such acts as "THE BEACH BOYS", "THE FAMOUS FLAMES", "THE BYRDS" &"THE ROLLING STONES".

In 1968, he went to ST. TROPEZ and became the favorite singer of Brigitte Bardot, Eddie Barclay & the french JET SET, touring Europe and for 3 years singing where the JET SET played (he was the first rock singer to ever sing at the Paris Opera House).

In the 70's Freddie moved to Ile ST.LOUIS in Paris & started a recording career (over 30-45's and 4 LP's). He also wrote and recorded several albums in England and the U.S.A. (selling over 1.5 million copies). He also sang in 5 films including "LA BOUM 2" and "UN ETE D'ENFER". Freddie also sang in many T.V. commercials (over 50) among them "CARTE NOIRE" CAFE & "PACIFIC FORCE ANIS".

In the 80's he toured internationally (AFRICA, ITALY, SPAIN, TURKEY, GUADELOUPE & MOROCCO) with "THE CHANCE Orchestra.

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